The prefect honeymoon spent whale watching in Western Australia

Your guide to the best Whale Watching Experiences in Western Australia

Whale watching (the practice of observing whales and other cetaceans in their natural habitat) has been an emerging recreational activity for someone who loves ocean, beaches and animals. Though this activity also serves for scientific or educational purposes, the whale watching tours and whale watching cruises have been commercially organized involving somewhere around $ 2.1 billion per annum worldwide, employing around 13,000 workers. Australia is a haven for whale watching as it has lots of costal area, suitable for whales to dwell during winter season. Whale watching has become successful commercially since its beginning in 1987 along with creating thousands of employment opportunities generating millions of revenue to Australian economy. Statistics show that 1.6 million people whale watched in Australia in 2008 alone generating 172 million dollars to the Australian economy. It has considerable increase. It was only 0.33 million in 1991 with 32 million dollars.

The best season for whale watching in Australia is from late July to early November when the magnificent Humpback whales and Southern Right whales migrate from Antarctica warmer waters to the Great Barrier Reef Australia for mating, breeding and raising their young ones. You can see young sub whales at play from August to September and witness the mothers and their calves escorted by big bulls for protection from September to November, giving you the glimpse of parental care and the playfulness. The whale watching sites we are offering in Australia are at Queensland, NSW, Gold Coast, Hervey Bay, Brisbane, Tweed heads/Coolangatta, Byron Bay, and Sydney.

Whale watching can be one of the rarest opportunities to come face-to-face with one of the largest, most playful, aerobatic mammals in the world, the Humpback Whale, coupled with magnificent beauty Australia has to offer. Come and visit Australia, be part of the breathtaking, spectacular, thrilling, adventurous event, the whale watching. We assure you that it’s worthwhile and guarantee you the full satisfaction and everlasting memories for the life time.