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The very first thing to do when introducing Japanese style bonsai or green tea drinking: simplify. Begin by stripping your living room completely bare, including current lighting solutions and curtains. Now you will have a base to build upon, and the Japanese base begins with open windows and simple furniture for the perfect placement of your Bonsai.

When creating the tea ceremony space, as far as open space within your living room goes, natural light is key to creating a Japanese feel. This means that you should forget thick drapes and lacy curtains, and instead consider simple bamboo roller blinds and sheer curtain panels. Minimize obstruction and keep those windows as close to nature as possible!

Extra Bonsai Elements

Adding extra Japanese elements such as Shoji screens (authentic Japanese screens that are made of fine paper and wooden frames) can make all of the difference to how your kitchen feels. Although they usually slide and are used to divide rooms, the essence of a Shoji screen can be implemented into a kitchen in the form of entry doors and pantry doors with traditional wooden framework and frosted glass panelling.

Bonsai is not only a stunning yet simple plant that can bring some all important Zen quality to your space; it is also a diverse material that is used throughout Japanese homes in terms of artisan goods and in structure! Adding small Bonsai plants to any room of your home is as easy as pie – from kitchenware to ornamental bowls, and from mirror frames to vases – and using bamboo to create a more structural feel can be implemented as easily as fitting roller blinds or room dividing screens.

Water is also a huge aesthetic element that is needed for any Japanese theme to work, so consider adding small water features to really bring a sense of meditation into your living spaces. Japanese style baths (known as soaking tubs) are growing in popularity in the interior design market too, so you could even dedicate your entire bathroom to really get those tranquil vibes flowing.